AliveCor Mobile ECG – cleared by the FDA, and trusted by leading cardiologists around the world. Attach to your smartphone or tablet, download the AliveECG app and record an ECG.

DuoFertility – fertility monitoring sensor-plus-service helps childless couples get pregnant.

Ohmea Medical Technologies – device developed by women for women for treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction.

Larell One Step Denture – a breakthrough in the way dentures are made, delivering functional, esthetic dentures in a single ONE hour visit, with no laboratory costs and at less than half the cost of regular dentures.

Juniper Health (2009) – first to market with free patient health record to supplement EHR’s with social media engagement, interaction and medical content components.

Numerex – single-source provider of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

BioSign AioCare – Biosign Technologies has transformed from a medical device company to an international cloud based medical SaaS provider.

CloudDx – Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE finalists for world’s most advanced wearable at the crossroads between fitness and medtech.

Iverson Genetics – new era of personalized medicine – advanced genetic testing for health care providers to promote early disease detection and help achieve optimal dosing of critical medications.